Determine if your car wiper blades are already damaged!

Are you one of those car owners who wants to keep their vehicle in good shape and stay on top of any type of damage? 


Did you know that it is recommended to change your car wiper blades every 6-12 months of usage?


Windshield wipers are made of metal and rubber components which are degradable and can become less effective overtime, especially when worn out, damaged, or improperly installed. 


In order to avoid scratches in your windshields caused by damaged car wiper blades, we have created a guide on how to properly determine the right time for changing your wiper blades.


Signs that your wiper blades are already damaged and needs immediate replacement:

  • TWINKLING SPOTS are visibly seen in your windshield especially when striked by bright lights or under the moonlight.
  • STREAKING is caused by overtime usage which means that the rubber has hardened or might be cracked. This can cause uneven cleaning, leaving bands of water in the windshield.
  • SQUEAKING is the unusual sound coming from the wiper blade rubber when in use. This usually occurs when the wiper blades are old and fully worn out.
  • SMEARING can cause water droplets to be trapped in the windshield that leaves a circular stain–like appearance even when all waters have been cleared out. This means that your wiper edges are no longer sharp..
  • CHATTERING these are blades that skip, vibrate or cleans unevenly. Usually caused by non-usage or due to hot  and cold temperatures.


If you’re already seeing these signs while using your  blades, you’ll need to get your wiper blades replaced and have your windshield serviced in order to avoid scratches or further damage in the long term run.


Get in touch with our service team and have your windshield and wiper blades inspected, contact us through our hotline 02-8883-7600 local 1006 or through our phone numbers 0999-227-2303/ 0917-841-8994. Our Service Team are available from 8AM-5PM.