Toyota Balloon Payment Plus

What is Toyota Balloon Payment Plus?

Nowadays, buying a car is no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity for transportation. As covid-19 continues to skyrocket in the past years, it is indeed advisable to own a car for convenience and to keep your family safe on a day-to-day basis.

Many may have been thinking of owning one but still haven’t reached a decision thinking that it will put them into a long term debt or it might put a dent to their savings. There’s no more need to worry about your finances, you can now own the car of your dreams with Toyota’s Balloon Payment Plus.

Toyota Financial Services Philippines introduced a unique financial lease called Balloon Payment Plus which seeks to offer low monthly payments for its customers, this is much more affordable when compared to any regular financing.

Under this financing lease, the customer will be given a Periodic Maintenance Service during the finance term plus a convenient end-of-term option where they can either upgrade to a new Toyota model and trade-in their current model or keep their unit and pay the lump sum amount that includes the last monthly payment and complete the financing term.

How does it work? Choose a Toyota unit among (All variants of Avanza, Fortuner, Rush, and Corolla Cross, Hilux GR-S, Conquest, G, E, and J variants.) Visit to view the color of your choice. Choose between 20%, 25%, and 30% down payment for the vehicle’s price and select between 24-, 36-, 48-, or 60- months finance term options. These monthly payments will be directly paid through Toyota Financial Service Philippines and would be in conjunction with Periodic Maintenance Service through your preferred servicing dealer.

Toyota has made every effort to make things possible to get you one step closer to your dream car in order for you to arrive at your dream destinations. With Balloon Payment Plus, it is possible to own a well maintained car and explore the endless possibilities.

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